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The majority of people nowadays are struggling to maintain good health. We are becoming more and more susceptible to infections, food intolerances, low energy states, a myriad aches and pains and more.

On top of these dysfunctional states, we are becoming overwhelmed with the stresses of day to day – in the workplace, family life, social dynamics and other multiple demands of twenty-first Century living.

In light of this we are now spoilt for choice by the number of self-care practices and products, which may, or may not fulfil your hopes or expectations for a greater level of health.

Living Vitally is dedicated to helping clients who are seeking a greater level of health and overall wellbeing.


Pre-prepared Formulas to support and maintain your day-to-day health and Wellbeing

First Aid

for minor mishaps

Minor mishaps frequently at home, out and about, and during physical pursuits. The fall-out can be anything from feeling shaken-up, disoriented or even mildly concussed, along with physical pain, bruising, abrasions and swelling. In such situations speedy therapeutic intervention can make the difference between several days of discomfort, or a speedy recovery.

Summer Sneezes

itching and sneezing

For the misery of itching eyes and ears, streaming and sneezing. This Formula can help you to manage the process by reducing the severity of the symptoms.

Winter Chills

colds and coughs

Colds, coughs and sickness can make the winter months extremely challenging and can lead to a decline in our health throughout these months and beyond. This Formula offers a ray of hope, especially when taken at the first signs of feeling unwell. Symptoms tend to be milder, and *the duration shorter.

Muscular Fatigue

overtired and sore

Stiff and sore, achy, tense, overtired and more! Muscle account for the majority of everything beneath the skin and any of the above can make us feel quite out of sorts….

“Physiologically, the conditions and activities of our musculature have enormous implications concerning our mental states and our competence in dealing with the world around us" - Deanne Juhan, Eminent Physiologist

Blue Moon Days


For some women the start of the Moon Cycle can kick in several days before the flow with some very challenging physical and emotional symptoms. This Formula can help to bring balance for both the chaos in the body and the inevitable emotional turmoil.

Painful Moon Days


The pain and discomfort is the result of abnormal hormonal activity, and the Formula supports the body to bring balance and ease.

Paused Moon Days

relieve the severity

For some, this process can be extremely challenging on all levels, arriving at a time when the demands of day-to-day are at their peak. Multiple symptoms can occur over a long period of time, *and can be both physically and emotionally debilitating. This Formula can assist in reducing the severity.

Release The Stress

a sense of calm

Stress, like everything else in our world, is polarised. We cannot thrive without it, yet too much of it is damaging. The stress response is on overdrive, locked in the ‘on’ position. The toll is heavy on all levels – physical, mental and emotional. This Formula can help to bring a sense of calm, whilst helping to protect your health and wellbeing.

Head Fog

find the way

An aid for the days when you can’t find your way through the fog.

Find The Balance


When the tide has the sway and you bob from place.



There’s just too much to do and the fall-out of the realisation moves into the body. The experience is like walking through treacle.

Sad Days

gentle transition

Sadness, like other feeling states need to be acknowledged. At times however, we go into the feeling and cannot find the exit. This Formula offers a gentle way to help you through.

Pains of Loss

a way through

Employment, friendship, home, relationship, or a loved one, inevitably throws us into grief. This is a natural way for us to process such experiences, but if it is too prolonged it can become destructive. The Formula may gently assist you through the process.


Individualised Formulas

Whatever your health challenge, these remedies can make a significant contribution towards your aspiration for improved health and wellbeing.

  • Tell me about your physical, mental and emotional challenges –in person, by email, via Skype.

  • I create your individualised Formula

  • We keep in regular contact to monitor your process and agree on next steps.

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing
The Reconnection

“If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re really lucky, your healing will come in a form you’ve not even dreamed of – one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you.”

“The Reconnection brings in…new vibratory levels and frequencies for healing and, ultimately, for our evolution….”

Dr. Eric Pearl

Psyche-Phonetics – Sounds of the Soul

All our experiences are imprinted in psyche – it is the memory keeper of anger, hurt and pain. In Psyche-Phonetics we go there to find new resources for healing, leading to our greater potential for growth, personal development and a happier life.

Theresa Elizabeth Caldwell

Quantum Medicine Woman

I recognised quite early in my life that my health was far from being robust. That was the beginning of my journey into exploring ways to help myself. I read an article in Vogue magazine about Aromatherapy and fell in love with essential oils. This was my first training, and although I couldn’t give myself a good massage, I benefitted hugely from the aromas of my favourite oils.

Then I fell in love with Reflexology, simply by hearing about the benefits from the lady who was to become my reflexology teacher.

Suffice to say that over the years I have engaged with many therapies, all of which I have used to create better health for myself and my loved ones.

But there is more….over 20 years ago I met my Life Teacher who led me to understand that our thinking and feeling life created our personal reality, which of course includes our health. Since that time I have been my own case study and have experienced the truth of this.

Having this understanding is of course a good beginning. Knowing what to do about it is another matter. My next quest was to seek out and find ways to take control of my negative thinking and my emotional storms. I found a number of modalities which helped me through when times were tough.

My great happiness is that I gave myself the gift of exploration, and it is from this point, at this time, that I now offer my services to anyone who wishes to improve their physical health, or to move on from whatever is compromising their sense of wellbeing and their potential for living a happier life.

I am fully trained, and have the relevant qualifications in all the disciplines on offer. I am also registered with the Complimentary Therapists’ Association.

My Training

Homeopathy – Licentiate & Member

Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection – Dr. Eric Pearl

Psychophonetics – Diploma: Yehuda Tagar

Aromatherapy – Diploma

Reflexology – Practitioner

Reiki – Second Degree

Bowen Technique – Accredited Practitioner

Kinesiology – Advanced Practitioner

Anatomy, Physiology & Massage – ITEC

Chrysalis Effect Practitioner – ‘Get your life back from M.E

B.A. Hons – Comparative Literature

The Complimentary Therapists Association

Connect with me via an appointment in Birmingham or  Worcester, or fill out the form below with a description of your challenge.

As soon as I have all the necessary information, I will begin to prepare your formula which will be posted out to you within 7 days.

We continue to work together via regular follow-ups to monitor progress and ensure that we are on the right track.

Get in Touch

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Tel: 07801-529-530

Skype: terricaldwell


When I came to Terri (to state it mildly) I was in a lot of emotional pain, turmoil and fearful about my future.  I had been living for most of my life with the ever present feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, self-loathing, fear of failure esteem, self-loathing, fear of failure and a real need to prove to others that I was worthy. 

Terri provided for me a soft and gentle place to BE, a place where I could feel safe to face events which had emotionally scarred my life from a very young age and the resultant consequences. Her non-judgemental stance and caring approach together with her counselling, healing and homeopathic techniques facilitated my healing. It was a long and painful journey   (lots and lots of tears) but Terri walked with me each step of the way until I could stand in my own being. Today I feel much more centered, grounded and at peace. I am able to recognise when familiar feelings visit me and to consciously challenge them and make choices that are life sustaining.  Thank you Terri for returning colour to a life that was painted grey and black.

I took, what I considered a risk, going to Terri and have not regretted that decision; so for anyone who is tired of carrying their dysfunctional emotional backpack I highly recommend using Terri’s services so you can live your best life.


Overactive thyroid, menopause, Polymyalgia Rheumatica and then suspected heart attack! – I was 49! Followed by severe headaches, spondylosis of the neck, irritable bowel and diverticulosis -Not only the pain but the anxiety (my mother had had a brain tumour and heart attack) brought on depression. I had been a super confident, successful senior manager that was respected as a role model for other women, a mother of 2 teenage boys, with a loving husband – and now I was not only a physical wreck – but a mental wreck! – GP said Prozac was the answer! But thankfully, I met Terri!  A (very) long chat identified so many issues from the past that had only been “plastered over” – like why did I used to sleep for over 24 hours most weekends when I was working? Why was I always rushing everywhere and late most of the time? (21st century syndrome? – the hamster wheel? – recognise it?? – then you need to do something about it – NOW !)

With Terri, I experienced Bowen Technique and reflexology, experiencing deep relaxation that I had never before experienced and felt aware of “deep” responses within my body! Even bruises appearing in the main muscle areas of my body – as if “something” deep inside needed to come out of me! Yes, strange I know and if I had not experienced it myself I wouldn’t have believed it either! And with recommended supplements and remedies, more long chats and helpful suggestions, such as keeping a journal of feelings, emotions etc, I no longer take Prozac. Furthermore, I have returned to being a very positive woman, who now paces herself and is back in control of her life and her future. Thank you Terri from the bottom of my heart – you’ve given me back my life!

Jane B

Thanks Terri, the counselling was enlightening and since the first session, have found myself thinking more about my actions and trying not to repeat negative patterns in my behaviour, also being generally more aware of my thoughts and actions. Sometimes, things are staring us in the face but we don’t see them until someone like you, with the skill for drawing it out and urging us to verbalise our thoughts comes along. Since our meetings, even though it is subtle and slowly builds, I   have felt stronger in my inner self, more of a solid core within my being and this helped me to feel less fearful. You are very easy to open up to and it is relaxing to be in your presence.


Hi Terri,
I found the counselling sessions very useful and it gave me the time to look at myself and the way I am as a person in the life I lead! I don’t get to do this very often as I always deal with other people’s lives in the job I do and rarely take time to sit and reflect on my own life. I realize that without doing this from time to time life bumbles along and nothing really changes. Your sessions have given me more insight into who I am and where I want to go in life especially with regard to relationships and my work.
Thank you and life has certainly improved since we first met.


Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Self-Help Tools:   “for some time now I have wanted to thank you, and just knew that when the right moment came it would happen.   My life is starting to really unravel – those ‘blocks’ have completely disappeared and feel just like a storm in a tea cup.   I just can’t believe how much of a tight strangle hold they had on me – and how much easier life now is from just simply letting go.


With her kind, loving and supportive ways, Terri gently facilitated Reconnection Healings for me, which I experienced not only in ‘totally unexpected ways’, but also as the most powerful and profound spiritual experiences of my life thus far, and which I have no doubt will continue to deepen and expand for me in miraculous ways. My sincerest thanks go to her and to Eric Pearl.


I am a Reiki Master, among other things, but what I experienced with Terri was an amazing energy. I cannot put words to it, because the energy has no words. But if I tried to explain it, it would under rate it. All I know is that I felt the energy strongly, my body was no longer there (a very pleasant feeling), as if I was asleep but my awareness was alert. Notice I did not say mind, but awareness. Also, if I was to explain it another way, I am aware of hypnotic trance like states, being a hypnotherapist too, but this was much deeper than that. It was amazing, honestly. I want to thank Terri for her pleasant manner and professionalism in channelling the energy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I was referred to Terri by a colleague following a car accident in which I sustained whiplash.  I firmly believe that the first treatment I received saved me from taking sick leave from work, my back was in a very poor state, making it extremely difficult to walk. Terri has helped me come to terms with what happened and also other areas where I didn’t realise there were problems. I am extremely grateful to the person on whose advice I contacted her as she has helped me to get my life back on track after the physical and mental help she has given me.


Healing & Homeopathy:  Dear Terri, I just wanted to write and thank you for helping me become well.   I started to turn the corner after seeing you and especially reading the books recommended by you…I think of you often and tell everyone that it was down to you that I managed to climb out of the pit I was in during last year.


Relieved that I came, feel more motivated to do things, feel relaxed and lighter.



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